Delivering Expertise in Audit Support Services.

We offer a variety of services to our clients based on their specific needs and requirements. Our tailored client-specific approach has always been successful with our all clients. Our capabilities include:


Delivering Expertise.

  • Audit of low-complexity procedures via streamlined capability team.
  • Substantive testing, Information testing, and audit completion procedures.
  • Follow-up and complete reviews of the audit process are available.
  • Audit Preparation & Planning.
  • Risk Assessment Support.
    Assess financial and operational risks, focusing on UK-specific regulations and standards.
  • Software: ACL or IDEA for analytics, Microsoft Project for planning; Excel for materiality calculations based on UK guidelines.
  • Formulate comprehensive audit plans and timelines.
  • Methodology: Risk-Based Audit Approach aligned with ISA Fieldwork Support.
  • Analytical Procedures.
    Testing Internal Controls.
  • Documentation of Audit work papers complying ISA requirements.

Exceptional Outsourcing Resources.

Customer first






Outsource or in house.

Knowing the benefits of outsourcing will help you decide if this is something that could work for your business. Here are three reasons to give this a try

Vat and bookkeeping.

Bookkeeping is the backbone or a source document of all transactions and operations of the business. All the reports, management and financial decisions are based on and linked to the same source document or bookkeeping records.

Great benefits from Clearcut.

  • Scale up your business to any size.
  • Emergency covers with jumpstart.
  • UK team.
  • Experienced qualified staff (ACCA, CAT, Masters in accounting & finance or Masters in commerce).
  • Communication is great.
  • UK working hours.
  • Out of office hours covered.
  • Talent Pool, the team with over five years of experience.
  • Lower staff costs.

Other outsourcing providers

  • Limited or scare resource.
  • Usually a month.
  • Offshoring.
  • Limited experience or little exposure.

  • Communication problems, difficult to get hold of.
  • Different working hours.
  • Not available
  • Less exposure to relevant work experience.
  • Comparatively high costs.


We are a company which is looking to bring the infrastructure and benefits of Outsourcing that most of the Top 20 and all of the Top 4 accountants operate, to all firms without an international operation that need that support. If you consider the different workload peaks globally, the top accounting firms would use quiet times for some countries to reassign those staff to support work needed at busy times in other countries. Consider, February and March are normally much quieter for UK accountants, however are much busier for US accountants.

Why should it be only the top accounting firms that can benefit from this, when it can be brought to every accounting firm through our Outsourced Solution? We are also the only company which can offer this who has a UK presence in person, so should you need a person there to help you with the setup, they are just a car drive away from your office to be on the ground supporting you.

In an industry that is notorious for struggling to hire good quality staff, speak to our specialists about Outsourced Resourcing so we can get you setup with a highly skilled, cost-effective and experienced remote team to support your in office staff and provide an improved service to your clients while filling a much needed gap in your business.

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