Clearcut Outsourcing is born out of a business model operated by Shuja for over 12 years. Utilising resources from around the world, he is now bringing this solution to accounting firms across the UK and beyond.

Enter Ashley who also has years of experience managing Outsourced Solutions as well as setting up the Resourcing departments across multiple firms, then the idea of introducing this business model to the world was born.

The Solution Shuja & Ashley have brought to you can be a short term or long term option as we only ask for a 1 month rolling commitment, so if it is not right for you or you need to reduce numbers, they can finish up at the end of the month. We offer this because we believe the key of outsourcing is flexibility, but also because we trust our business model that your accounting firm will see this as the future of your business rather than a short term need.

We have dedicated FTE’s (Full Time Equivalent’s) we can offer as a Remote Outsourced Solution as a cost-effective option for your practice, while also adding Resources in an industry that is notoriously tough to recruit for without incurring 15%-25% recruitment fees, as well as standard employment expenses on top of the salary to attract staff such as Pension, NI etc.

Why overwork your staff and have everything rushed or completed because it’s urgent, when you can have them focus on client service and adding value to your client, then our Outsourced Resources take the 75% of the work the client doesn’t see off you, then your office based staff can increase their client exposure and focus on keeping your clients happy.

We have Solutions starting from £1,200 per month for an FTE, if you’d like to speak to our team and discuss your requirements, we can setup a call or meeting to go through the setup with you.

Our Mission

We help our clients identify their business and financial needs.

We started with a simple aim – to provide a amazing service (always) to our clients (nothing less would do). We wanted to be more than a fantastic accountants and always stands out from the accountancy world. In this world of challenge and change (frantically fast-paced change at that), you need a trustworthy team; one that’s been there through the many shifts and shakes.

Our Values.

Customer first
high performance

Meet the Team.

UK Based Management

We are proud at Clearcut Outsourcing to offer UK based staff who will support your business in your Outsourced Resource Solution. We are the only Outsourcing company with a UK presence on the ground which gives us unrivaled customer service, so you know your practice is in safe hands.

Shuja Rehman

Director & Co-Founder

Ashley Platt

Director & Co-Founder


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Meaningful and joyful work at clearcut it is not all about technical competency but a sense of possession that you are making an impact both inside and outside the workplace.

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