How soon can I start?

You can start the same day you sign up with us. We can also begin to cover any staff leavers or support business growth immediately.

Is their UK team I can speak to?

Yes, we are the only outsourcing company that is UK based and can also come to see you at your offices to improve the work practices to suit your requirement or regular weekly or monthly meetings.

Is there any contractual period?

No, you will be on a one month rolling contract from the start with no long term obligation. If you want to decrease resources or stop all together, just see out your paid up month of outsourcing.

What do you offer to umbrella companies?

We offer full support from sales, technical or client/agency service team, payroll and payments run, weekend covers etc.

What can be the ideal?

It can be a team of 6-7 FTE with two senior bookkeepers, one payroll manager, senior vat and junior & senior accountants with a portfolio of clients to manage. So you get one team or more and allocate them a portfolio of clients.

Who will monitor the progress of the outsource staff?

We have a team leader for each team of 20 who regularly does the performance reviews, you can expect high standards that you can expect for anyone with a minimum of 2 years of experience for the vat and bookkeeping team and three or more years for accounts or senior team.

What kind of experience does outsourcing staff have?

All of our staff members are Xero, and QuickBooks certified and have experience in various other software online or desktop-based software( to name a few, including VT transaction, VT accounts, Sage, Free agent, Tax filer, Pleo, Go cardless, Dext, Shopfiy, Stripe, Modulr, Bright Pay, Money soft, e-commerce sales software such as a2x etc , practice software such as accountancy manager

Do you also offer receptionist services?

Yes, we can also cover out-of-office hours or weekends to ensure you do not miss any important calls in addition to the office hours.

Who oversees the audit work?

Our audit team, including senior statutory auditors, oversee and perform all the work concerning any audit jobs.

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